We recruit the ideal candidates in several countries where we have collaborators which allows us to make a more exhaustive selection and to better support the candidates in their preparation. For example, we can organize practical tests remotely or begin French lessons before the arrival of candidates.
Here is an overview of our services:
  • Establish the client’s needs or receive the list of requirements.
  • Effectively attract a large pool of qualified potential candidates from different countries.
  • Select the potential workers who meet the requirements.
  • Conduct an initial interview with the potential candidate about work ethic, family support and realistic expectations.
  • Validate the diplomas and training certificates of the candidates
  • Validate the relevant work experiences and references of the candidates.
  • Check if they have already applied in Canada.
  • Perform a second interview if necessary.
  • Present a portfolio of qualified candidates to the employer for pre-selection.
  • Assist the employer to interview the candidates selected by video conference.
  • Present the offer to the candidate and reach to an agreement between the candidate and the client.
  • Once the candidate has received a job offer, help them apply for a work visa at the Canadian Embassy in their country of residence.
  • Organize French classes in their country before they arrive (if required).
  • Present the Canadian culture to the candidate and answer any questions.
  • Follow up once they are in Canada to make sure the employee and the employer are satisfied.
  • Nos bureaux
    500, St.George Street
    Moncton, New Brunswick E1C 1Y3
  • New Brunswick : (506) 875-3406
    Québec: (418) 284-9439